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-The Mock Turtle

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Interesting Phenomenon

Recently it has become quite unpopular to be a "girly-girl". It seems that we no longer have any women who act like women, because every time you ask a woman if she considers herself to be more girly or more of a tomboy, she says 'Well, I'm really feminine on the outside, but on the inside I just don't think I'm feminine at all. I think and act like a man and I relate more with boys than women.' This same woman has tons of girlfriends that she spends the majority of her time with and the only time you see her around men is for the sole purpose of getting them in her pants.
It's my personal opinion that today's women think they think like men because all they have men around for is sex, which is what a lot of [if not most] men do. But they can't really truly count these men as friends, because these men are just around for the woman's physical pleasure. These women claim that they like being friends with men more than women, but all they really want is male attention. I think this is because of the feminist movement, and the backlash against men and how they've treated women for so long. I do not agree with the feminist movement, and just because someone hurts you does not mean you should hurt someone else the same way.
And if these women really truly thought like men, there wouldn't be so much drama in the female world. If every woman thinks like a man, who's causing the drama?
I get it though, I really do. You say it because it's popular. It's the 'in' thing to say that you're a woman on the outside but you think like a man and act like one on the inside. Why I'm not sure. I don't know who started this. But it's popular and so you do it. Do you remember back in the '80s, when shoulder pads and hot pink opaque lipstick were popular? Remember that? You followed that trend too. And you still feel like an idiot for it. This is very similar, only instead of looking like an idiot people think you're an idiot because of what you say. That's worse, I think.

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