Well, I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense.

-The Mock Turtle

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things I need.

Browsing Etsy and reading fashion blogs regularly provides me with plenty of stuff I think I need, and sometimes stuff I really do actually need. Here's a list of the stuff I really do actually need. :D
Fake gauges that look like octopus tentacles. I need these. NEEEED them. Seriously, I could wear these with almost anything in my closet. And if I want gauges for a day, bam! I have them. How awesome is that?!??!
Super cute tiny bat studs? I could wear these with literally EVERYTHING in my closet and I wouldn't have to worry about look to Halloween-y. It'd be a special little surprise for anyone that looked close enough. How lovely. ^_^This is something I would never buy for myself, and unfortunately it's not for sale. :( Someone already bought it. But no wonder, it's an octopus locket ring! So beautiful....so beautiful. :(
Let's end on a happier note, shall we? Isn't he so cute???????? A silver june bug ring. Absolutely genius. I need it. :D
♥ Izzee

Monday, December 28, 2009

Things that bug me [right now.]

1. Christmas Day Bomb Attempt: The United States was warned by this dude's father. And we let him on an airplane. But no one's saying anything because that would make the Savior Obama look bad. If this had been Bush's administration Bush would've gotten impeached.
2. Everyone's so in love with Zooey Deschanel: She's cute and all, if you like the mousey look, but seriously, she can't act to save her life! Her sister Emily, however, is an excellent actress who only gets TV show roles while Zooey, who gives me stomach pains when I watch her try to do any sort of acting at all, gets big movie roles. Why?
3. People who complain that actresses/actors/singers/insert other occupation that makes you famous and in the public eye here are fat: The majority of the people sitting on their butts doing nothing but sitting in front of a computer screen eating chips and griping about how these people are so grotesque and fat are.....fat.
4. The 'Fashion Police': Ok, I agree with them about Lady Gaga. But really, even the name is silly. Fashion is about being weird and having fun and doing stuff differently. It's an art and the only way you get good at art is by practice, repetition, and failure. Get off our backs and let us have some fun.
5. People who gripe about Avatar without seeing it first: Yes, there is an anti-war message. Yes, there are environmentalist messages, lots of them. But seriously, go see the movie before you gripe about it! I've heard absurd arguments that are not backed up with any fact at all simply because the person hasn't seen the movie. If you're going to gripe and complain, have your facts straight and go WATCH THE FREAKIN MOVIE.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy busy busy.

I'll be going to take my ACT test tomorrow. I'm going to take some business courses at OCCC, and even though they might get so boring I'll want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil at times, they will be worth it. I need all that business mumbo jumbo so that I won't be grasping at straws later on down the line...

And with everything that's going on currently [getting enrolled, possibly getting a new and better job], I think I might just start posting outfits. Might. Possibly. Hopefully.
♥ Izzee.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Shop.....for GOOD!

Check out this disgustingly obnoxious video here.

My message to the fashion industry: Make better crap and people will start buying it. No one's going to buy ugly junk. Use better materials, make it last longer, and lower the price. You want to save the fashion world from the recession? You want consumers to start taking an interest in your industry? Stop being selfish, self-center gits and start blaming the one responsible. It's not the consumer's fault that your crap is.... crap. It's your fault. Make it better and we will buy it.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love Christian artists.

My goodness I love them. Their work is always so beautiful. It's very unique, full of hope, passion, and spirit. And their blogs are always so awesome. How in the world do they get such awesome blogs?? Oh, but I must know.
Talk to you after thanks giving. Ttyl, tata for now.
♥ Izzee

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing our song on a broken phonograph...

I love her dress. I love her hat. And I need her shoes. I'd most likely break my neck in those. Or worse. I could just imagine myself tottering along in those and then my ankle and my leg snapping in half and I'm left with a wobbly foot full of pain and clothed in amazing shoes. Perhaps I can try these, instead?
I like the snake skin texture too. I can't get over the smooth feel and the wonderful shininess of those gold heels, but the thought of standing a skinny little pole to support me is frightening. I'll stick with the thicker, safer heels, thank you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Interesting Phenomenon

Recently it has become quite unpopular to be a "girly-girl". It seems that we no longer have any women who act like women, because every time you ask a woman if she considers herself to be more girly or more of a tomboy, she says 'Well, I'm really feminine on the outside, but on the inside I just don't think I'm feminine at all. I think and act like a man and I relate more with boys than women.' This same woman has tons of girlfriends that she spends the majority of her time with and the only time you see her around men is for the sole purpose of getting them in her pants.
It's my personal opinion that today's women think they think like men because all they have men around for is sex, which is what a lot of [if not most] men do. But they can't really truly count these men as friends, because these men are just around for the woman's physical pleasure. These women claim that they like being friends with men more than women, but all they really want is male attention. I think this is because of the feminist movement, and the backlash against men and how they've treated women for so long. I do not agree with the feminist movement, and just because someone hurts you does not mean you should hurt someone else the same way.
And if these women really truly thought like men, there wouldn't be so much drama in the female world. If every woman thinks like a man, who's causing the drama?
I get it though, I really do. You say it because it's popular. It's the 'in' thing to say that you're a woman on the outside but you think like a man and act like one on the inside. Why I'm not sure. I don't know who started this. But it's popular and so you do it. Do you remember back in the '80s, when shoulder pads and hot pink opaque lipstick were popular? Remember that? You followed that trend too. And you still feel like an idiot for it. This is very similar, only instead of looking like an idiot people think you're an idiot because of what you say. That's worse, I think.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starting my Christmas wish list...

This dress is #1 on my wish list right now. I was browsing fashion blogs and I came across a link to Kate's Clothing, and this dress was on the front page. If I don't get it for Christmas, I think I'll be buying it for myself sometime in the spring. ^_^

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I haven't been on polyvore in foreeeevvvveer. And my outfits are actually really being affected by it. I haven't been getting inspiration for amazing stripy outfits, so my outfits have been getting....blah. Boring and safe and already done. Blek. Polyvore is such a blessing. I need to stay active on that site, seriously!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Halloween the devil's birthday?

I never would have imagined that some of the kids at my church would think that Halloween is the devil's birthday. They go to a church where the sermons taught are not topical in anyway, but verse by verse, chapter by chapter Bible studies. The reason they think this is because of screwed up beliefs that their parents have from their parents' screwed up upbringings.
Halloween is NOT the devil's birthday. Satan, also called the Devil, was a created being. He was not born, like we are. He was made by God as all other angels are made. There is no human time or day that we celebrate his creation, and thinking so is just...silly. Halloween was originally a Gaelic festival celebrating the end of summer. They believed that since that night was the end of summer and the beginning of winter, the spirit world and the physical world no longer had anything separating them from each other. They dressed up in frightening costumes so that they would look like a harmful spirit and therefore avoid harm.
This is a pagan belief, yes, but after being mixed with Catholicism, Christianity, and other various myths and legends, it's turned into nothing but a night for kids to dress up in costumes and get free candy, for teenagers to sit at home and scare themselves witless in front of horror movies, and for adults to have rather questionable Halloween parties. It's not the devil's birthday. That's just silly.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being 17

Yesterday was my birthday. My Monsieur took me out for the day so I was much too busy to blog about it, but now I'm back at work and have not much to do. :)
He took me to an absolutely wonderful Mexican restaurant called Abuelo's and it was delicious. We ordered off the lunch menu, partly because we could and partly because it had the least expensive stuff on the menu. ^_^ My Monsieur got a pepper stuffed with cheese and topped with queso and these delicious beans on the side, and these cheese potato things. I got two tosdadas, one chicken the other beef. My Monsieur was a little unsure about my choice of restaurant, I could tell, but he enjoyed himself and his food was sooo good. It was better than what I ordered. :D
This is the gift he gave me:
I'm wearing it right now. ^_^
Thank you my sweet Monsieur, for such a wonderful birthday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

52 Degrees

The weather around here is being quite agreeable right now. I'm very pleased with it. I hope it keeps this up for my birthday.

Scrumptious isn't it? I think I love this. And of course, you can check out her other work here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Another hideous black nail polish."

Oh, I beg to differ. Black nail polish, in my book, is the essential nail polish. It goes with everything, it looks incredibly elegant when applied right, you can use it to paint those tiny details on that ugly barrette you want to re-do, and although modern pop-culture has tried and unfortunately succeeded in making black nail polish popular every other week or so, it's still a definite Goth staple. A Goth staple to the forehead. :)

And speaking of black nail polish, don't you just love this bottle?? I saw it last week, and I couldn't help myself. I bought it. Oh, Halloween, you suck the life from my bank account.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm going home soon.

I don't know when the Rapture will happen, or how soon or how far off it is from today. I just know that I'm going home very soon. It's never been this close. Ever.

Interesting article if you're into that kind of thing.

Do something good for someone today. You don't know how long you have left here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

1 Year Anniversary

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. ^_^ And this is the 100th post. Yeah, I planned it. :)

I've had tons of fun with this thing. It's nice to think that although this blog started out with no direction, no plan, and not really being anything of importance, it still hasn't changed. Thanks for sticking with me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


These two are so cute. And do you see Tim's socks? Quite amazing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

An American Werewolf in Paris

I really enjoyed this movie. I watch a great amount of very stupid horror movies, since my dad seems to actually enjoy them. I'm not sure why. But my mom had something to do with this movie choice, and I actually sat and watched this whole movie. It was pretty gory, since the werewolves only ate the hearts of their victims, but they enjoyed tearing their body parts off. Their victims turned into these undead zombie people that were only visible to the werewolves. They'd only die when the werewolf who killed them was killed. The werewolf graphics were obviously below the level that they are now, but they did a pretty good job for a 90s film. And the undead people were, in my opinion, excellent. Especially when that one girl's eye popped out. I thought that was hilarious... The suspense is wonderful. You don't know who they're going to kill next, and it gets even worse when you realize the movie makers didn't list the American's friend[s] in the 'Do Not Kill' list. Like I said, I really enjoyed this film, and I think if you're spending the night in and you have Netflix, you should most definitely look this movie up.


I got my delicious jewelry-making goodies in the mail yesterday. This makes me very happy.

And I got presents from my sweet Monsieur this morning. ^_^ He bought me an adorable little rubber bat, and for 99 cents it's very good quality. It's a really strong little bat that looks like it can put up with being toted around and played with. He bought me a spiderweb tablecloth as well, to use on my birthday. ^_^ What amuses me greatly is the fact that the package says "Vinyl Tablecoth". I guess when you're selling your products to large chain stores like Walgreens spell check isn't that important, right?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh, October.

How I love thee. You warm my heart with your chilling breeze, your decaying leaves, and your sweet breath that brings a mysterious feeling to the air.

Yeah. I love October. I turn 17 on the 13th. I'm very excited. Much more excited than I thought I would be.

I love everything about October, really. Except...one thing. Only one. And it's one that burns my heart with a furious, fiery passion. That one things is this:

My budget can't keep up with all those spooky goodies!!

Why can't the stores keep their Halloween treats out all year?? It would be a lot nicer to me. I wouldn't be trying to buy up everything I see now because "October will be over soon!" My goodness.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So what does boredom do to you?

I causes me to play with my eyelashes and search 'goth' on YouTube. I came across this video:

This is the first time I've actually ever heard about that murder, but I really have to give my opinion on it. The Goth subculture didn't influence that boy to kill anyone. He choose to kill her himself. He knew the difference between right and wrong and he choose wrong. If he was a Satanist, that's not because the Goth subculture told him to be. That was his own choice. Most likely he was just as misguided about Goths, if he indeed was one, as those news anchors. He probably thought all Goths were Satanists or serial killers or cult members or other such nonsense. I don't know. I just think the whole idea of someone who spends their time reading classic literature by candle light clad in black velvet being seen as dangerous in any way is incredibly.....silly. They'll be spending more time mourning over the moral decay of society and pining for bat cookies then they will planning your murder, I assure you. Unless, of course, they are indeed quite misguided and uneducated, and don't truly understand what 'Goth' is.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Why I Should Stop Window-Shopping On Etsy

This incredibly beautiful $250 necklace is made from real bat wings. Yes. REAL bat wings. They've been treated for durability, and painted black. And they are amazing. That gold thing sitting in the middle of the cameo setting is a 24K gilt bat skull, and that was treated as well.

It's completely ridiculous how much I desperately want need this necklace. It would look perfectly amazing with my velvet burgundy blazer trimmed with black lace, or my hand-embroidered emerald and gold jacket, or any pair of my striped tights currently hanging in my closet. The saving for this item begins...now.

Check it out for yourself here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall has finally arrived!

I'm so happy summer's over. Fall is my favorite season and it's finally here! I love how the weather went from sweaty depression to beautiful brisk luzzliness in...a day. I don't know the weather in your area, but it got cold quick here. I love it, it gives me a chance to wear all those jackets I've accumulated. ^_^

Is that not the most amazing thing you've ever seen?? Fumichan made it for me! She's so sweet. ^_^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Polyvore Groups [That you should join.]

I am now the moderator for 2 groups on polyvore. One was originally someone else's, I'm not sure whos. But they created it and then they left I guess. And I saw that it had no moderator, and I felt sorry for the poor thing and I adopted it. It was orignally called purple! and I've changed it a little. ^_^

Check out Flying Purple People Eater on polyvore.com!

This group I moderator with my Monsieur, RedSuzaku. It's a group for all things awesome.

Check out The Group on polyvore.com!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I finally was able to watch the movie last night, after having finished the book a couple weeks ago. And it was perfect. Jonathan Pryce was a perfect Mr. Dark. There was more depth in the book [obv.], but the movie did a really good job of getting the meat of it. A lot of the scarier stuff in the book was left out, and Mr. Dark's death was different. There was a few subtle differences here and there [such as Mr. Halloway smoked in the movie but not in the book], and these were mostly done to save time and keep the movie flowy smoothly. It was wondeful. I was pretty surprised when I read the book, because I mostly associate Ray Bradbury with sci-fi, and I'm not too fond of that. I've read The Illustrated Man and Farenheit 451, and I liked Farenheit 451 ok, but I detest The Illustrated Man. I don't like depressing books, and that book seriously depreses me. This one, however, was like a little pink cupcake covered with bat-shaped sprinkles. I will definitely being reading (and watching) it again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Home Depot Adventure

I know I shouldn't be seen there, but my boss doesn't support my "boycott Home Depot" views, and he sent me and my brother to go pick up some things for him at Home Depot and to drop off some packages. The package dropping off went by uneventful. Home Depot, however, was very interesting.
When we first walked into the door we were greeted by a woman who commented on my hat. I smiled and said thank you, and then we started walking down the aisles in search for glue. Then a guy saw me walking down the aisle towards him and he was like "Hey! Wow, you sure look cute! What's the occasion? Do you dress this way all the time?" He was so outgoing and forward and...loud, all I could do was stand and smile and nod. He then went on about how he couldn't believe I dressed this way all the time, how cool that was, how nice I looked. Then he looked at my brother, the Dummy, and said "Boy you sure got lucky." The Dummy's cheeks looked like they were on fire and he said "Uhh...that's my sister." Poor Dummy.
The guy laughed and was like "Well she still looks cute!" And then said goodbye and was gone. After we'd gotten all our stuff and Alex was checking out through the self-checkout, he came up behind me and said "Sorry if I embrassed you, but you looked sure look cute!" After we were out of the store he saw us again and whistled at us, and when we looked his way he waved.
So it was a very interesting time we had. And here's a photo of my outfit, just for kicks:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh no.

I haven't blogged in awhile [mainly because I'm waiting on the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes to actually come this way....], but anyway, I am now....in love. Totally infatuated. Head over heels, madly, uncontrollably, crazily in love. With Pillboxdesigns.

Srsly, I think there's a pretty obvious need there. And if I was only allowed one, out of all them, it would have to be the first one, that cloud of ridiculously adorable bats. It was the 2nd one I ever saw, and it was true love at first sight. [The first one I saw was the Nosferatu one, which was ok but not mah fav.]
We're in love, and you're just jealous.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Christmas Carol Train Tour

My family and I went to this yesterday. The Dummy brought his girlfriend, of course, and I brought my Monsieur. When we got there, my dad drove around for awhile trying to find parking, and then he just dropped us off by the train station and drove further down because there was no parking close by. When we got in line, we were told by an employee that the wait would be approximately 2 hours. And it was hot and there was absolutely no shade. We spent the time outside playing "What am I thinking?", and it only took us about a half an hour to get indoors. [I wish I had been smart enough to bring an umbrella, everyone would have appreciated it, but we survived.] When we got inside we were taken to a room with yet another line, and this was probably the worst one. It was hot, sweaty, and smelled horrible. There was no air conditioning and tons of screaming little kids. We had fun there too, though. Once we got out of that room, we got into a quick line that had carolers and the end of it. That job must have been awful, standing there in those hot costumes singing the whole day. Once we got out of that line, which we were only in for about 5 minutes, we got in the line that took us up the stairs to the line directly outside the train. We moved pretty quickly, then there was an issue inside the train and the line stopped completely. I don't know what happened, but after about 45 minutes they took a woman out on a stretcher and put her in an ambulance. Although we were standing out there that long doing nothing but waiting, we had fun anyway because that's what we do. And it wasn't hot up there, there was a nice breeze. Once we got in the train, the first thing we saw was a room with a few costumes and pictures. There was one black dress I wanted sooo badly, but of course I couldn't have it. Then we went into a room with digital pictures on screens, and it was pretty boring. We got in a room with masks and little buildings and things, examples of models they were working on for the movie. Then we went into the room with the costumes the actors wear during the filming. It was half a costume and a big mirror. It was...interesting. After that was computer with a game and the "face morphing", which was their biggest attraction. It was pretty fun to do, everyone did it but the Dummy's girlfriend [I'm not sure why she didn't do it...probably some weird 'girl' reason]. After that, we went outside and went into this inflatable theater thing and watched the Christmas Carol trailer in 3D, which was awesome.

So I'm still very unsure if the line was worth it. 2 hour wait for about a half an hour on the train. The trailer was very cool though. I think we should have skipped the train line and gone directly to the trailer line, and then gone home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rag Doll

I found these shoes at a thrift store the other day, and so after all the rain stopped I decided I'd wear them to work. I love them. I feel so much like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas it's completely ridiculous. It could also be the somewhat rag-like lacy mourning over-dress I've got on, but these shoes complete me. There's no way I could wear them everyday, but they'll be very nice for summer days when I feel like wearing nice shoes [which is most of the time], but I can't because it's so dang-blasted hot outside!! I like how shiny these shoes are too, because I can wear the rattiest skirts and dresses I have but they'll look presentable with these shoes. Well... somewhat presentable. I do have a concern, though. The bottom of the sole of the shoe is itty bitty. I really want to have my ankles when I die [or get raptured], and I'm worried these shoes won't let me achieve this goal. However, the somewhat unstable way I walk in these helps with my Sally-ish appearance.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

City Bites

I went with my Monsieur and the Dummy to City Bites for lunch today, cause I've wanted to go there for a really long time. City Bites sounds like the kind of place vampires would hang out at, and when we went in I thought it looked like the kind of place vampires would hang out at too. Obviously the way the restaurant is decorated is just as important to their marketing plan as the taste of the sandwiches. Anyway, I ordered a California Chicken Wrap on jalapeno and cheese bread. After placing my order, I stood by the pick-up counter and looked around the place. The ceiling tiles are painted black, and I believe blue, pink and yellow. There were road signs all over the walls, and on one wall there was a mock construction worker's arms being smushed by a sewer cover [he was holding a 12" City Bites sandwich, I found that pretty funny.] There were one-way mirrors on the outside of the bathrooms. You could see out, but no one could see in. I was too much of a chicken to go in there. :) We sat down and waited for them to make our sandwiches, and when we got them I was very pleased. My only problem was I didn't read all the ingredients and there was avocado on my sandwich. Other than that it was delicious. ^_^


So I finished Neil Gaiman's novella Coraline at 10:03 a.m. today. The time really isn't important, I'm just putting it in here because I know the exact time and I find that intriguing. I'm not sure what I like better, the movie or the book. The movie was much more colorful [Coraline had blue hair!], and the other mother seemed to take more time to get Coraline to like her. The book, however was much deeper, and Coraline actually worked out in words that getting everything you want is boring. The game she played with the other mother in the book was more frightening, I think, than the game in the movie. My one problem with the book was the fact that the other mother created a "better" world for Coraline, but once Coraline got there, it seemed like she didn't try to impress or please her. In the movie she had Coraline coming back again and again, even wanting to become a part of the other world for a little while. But in the book Coraline didn't want to have anything to do with it; she found it interesting but she wanted to go home. The cat was just as amazing in the book as he was in the movie, I was thrilled about that. And though I liked Wybie, he would have been totally unnecessary in the book so I'm glad he was just a movie addition. And the corridor was a lot freakier in the book than the movie. I think hidden things that you never see and never find out what they are are deliciously terrifying.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Or "Holy Body". This is an absolutely AMAZING Christian band from Kanta-Häme, Finland. If you've ever heard Nightwish and liked them, you'll like these guys. If you're like me and you were completely obsessed with Nightwish, then you became a Christian and since Nightwish pulled you away from God so you had to give them up, this band will be like.... peanut butter ice cream from Coldstone Creamery and a glass of ice cold milk topped with Oreo cookies to you. They're that good. You can check out their MySpace page here:

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Witches

I just finished reading Roald Dahl's The Witches, and it was excellent. The witches were horrible, child-squelching creatures that tried to kill children any way possible. It was a wonderful read, very light and easy, and I found the illustrations hilarious. I could just be being biased, since I love Roald Dahl and all his work. I don't think I am though, I think he's just a genius. You could let your 1st grader read this book and they'd be captivated for hours, but you could sit down and read it yourself and still be just as entertained. And I think you would enjoy it even more, since adults grasp the concept of death a bit better than children.
And Fantastic Mr. Fox is in theaters November 13th, 2009! Mark your calendars!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm shivering with excitement.

I have 4 books waiting for me at the library right now, and my amber-glazed fingernails are dancing with anticipation. What's waiting on that shelf for me is:
-The Witches, by Roald Dahl
-Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury
-Coraline, by Neil Gaiman
-Amphigorey also, by Edward Gorey
Ooooooh I can't wait. I'm not sure what I'm going to read first, but I enjoyed reviewing Gothic Charm School so much that I think I'll review every single one of these books!
I'm rather excited about The Witches, because I've seen the movie [it terrified me when I was younger, and for good reason!] and now I'm finally reading the book. I think that might be my first reading choice....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gothic Charm School

I just finished this book about 10 minutes ago, and spending the past 3 days on it was soo worth it. It was funny and entertaining, and it was written by a 'real' goth with a 'real' job. It was very down-to-earth and realistic, and her style is sooo amazing. I love real-life cartoon characters. ^_^ She addresses all the issues 'normal' people deal with when it comes to Goths: Are they all depressed and suicidal? What about dangerous murderers? Do they think they're vampires? Are they Satanic? Are they all witches? Is Goth a cult? The way she answers is humorous and gentle, and she gives Goths and other interesting creatures advice on how to deal with those sorts of questions [as well as people touching them and their clothes >.<], along with fashion advice on things such as weddings, family gatherings, and other such social fiddle faddle. This was definitely worth reading, I recommend it to everyone.

Sunday I'm in love

That's the day I get to see everyone I can't see during the busy work week. And food is always the most delicious on Sunday.

Defacing the Bible

I don't know if any of you have heard about this, but there was a museum exhibit in Glasgow that had a Bible people could write their names and such in. And of course, people abused and defaced the Bible. Which is ridiculous. I don't go to gay pride parades and shout "God hates fags!" because not only is that wrong and totally non-Christian, but it's rude! What gives them the right to abuse and deface a major part of my religion?

Read the story here: http://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2009/08/12/stop-defacing-the-bible-please-sign-the-petition/
Sign the petition to stop defacing the Bible here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stopdefacingbible/

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Done did it.

So I did what I normally don't like to do and I watched Coraline before I read it. How delightfully wicked. :) I've requested the book from the library, it's not ready for pick up yet but it will be ready soon, I can feel it. I'll blog my review on the movie and the book when I've finished it. ^_^

This reminds me, remember that D.I.Y. shirt tutorial I talked about a couple weeks ago? Yeah. I still haven't gotten around to having the time to do it. But I will do it, soon. As in sometime before the year ends. Or maybe not. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ok, I LOVE this site. I love words, word games are awesome, I like rice, and hunger sucks. This site is amazing.
Go there NOW.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm feeling like an activist...

I'm feeling like an activist right now. So I thought I'd post a blog on how I feel about pet stores and such. Well... personally I think you should adopt all your pets from shelters. My reasoning is this: the pets in the pet shops aren't going anywhere. Someone will eventually buy them and they will got to a good home and everything will be fine. Pets in shelters, if they don't get adopted, will get killed. That's gay, seriously. So next time you want a pet, check the shelters first. I have 4 dogs, and all but 1 are from shelters. The other one [the one in the polyvore set below], was given to us by a neighbor. He found her in his front yard all starved and beat up right after an ice storm, and he kept her for awhile but he had a German shepherd so he couldn't keep her. He gave her to us. So yeah. Rescuing animals is a lot better than getting them from pet shops. ^_^ kthxbai

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whas up witch you?

My very best friend in the whole wide world, the Monsieur, and I are going through the book of Ephesians. We're doing this because we're in love and we plan on getting married, and we want to be prepared for it. God is the center of our relationship, and because of Him we know we have to get stronger in our faith, and we have to grow our relationship through His word and all that awesomness. So what I'm doing is I'm making a polyvore set for each individual verse in the book of Ephesians. It's my interpreation of the verse and stuff. It's awesome. If you have any questions about anything at all, please please please PLEASE email me, especially if you have questions about my faith. squishyfishysxs@yahoo.com

I love you guys and thank you for reading and following!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

None of your....wait...what?

So I just bought this new creme from Herbal Essences. And I'm excited about it. But I'm terrified too. Why? Because I'm probably the cheapest person you know. I can not STAND spending $3 on hair care products. Which is crazy because I love my hair color, so I should want to spend on it, but I don't.... I don't know. I'm weird.
Any who, it smells amazing. I love it. The smell is like.... bliss. Seriously. It's amazing. I bought it cause I'm going to Texas next week for summer camp, and last year my hair was totally destroyed by the Texas humidity. I felt icky. And I don't want to feel that way this year. :)
So I'm gonna use this and hopefully it will help. I'm planning on straightening my hair too, to help de-frizz my hair even more. I love the waves in my hair, but Texas just kills me, seriously. So I've gotta do something.
I put some of this in my hair right after my shower, and I combed it in, but now that my hair's dry.... it doesn't seem any different. I'm gonna put some in my hair tomorrow, when it's dry, and see what it does, and if it doesn't do any good I'll probably return it, but I hope it works for me!

I want to go to a masquerade ball someday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Plans

  • Get learner's permit. Very important, this one.
  • Have the proper INUMC shirt-designing equipment.
  • Read Atlas Shrugged. [Kinda boring...]
  • Get a decent digital camera?

This kid is awesome.

Jermu (3)
"I'm wearing an eagle t-shirt and flower socks. My cap is yellow and there is some net at the back. I like red, cars and legos."

He's from Finland. ^_^

Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok, so the I'm Naked Under My Clothes blog is getting pretty awesome. You should check it out :)

I made a new collection on polyvore. A collection for all my fairytale sets. <3 I'm being sucked into that fast. It's soooo much fun.
View 'Fairytales' on Polyvore

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Personal Style Challenge

I did that personal style challenge thing that started on blogger and ended up on Polyvore. It was actually really fun. ^_^

and I was inspired by a Snow White set by PaintHead, so I made a fake Snow White perfume ad:

It was fun. I need to do more sets like it. :)