Well, I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense.

-The Mock Turtle

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Home Depot Adventure

I know I shouldn't be seen there, but my boss doesn't support my "boycott Home Depot" views, and he sent me and my brother to go pick up some things for him at Home Depot and to drop off some packages. The package dropping off went by uneventful. Home Depot, however, was very interesting.
When we first walked into the door we were greeted by a woman who commented on my hat. I smiled and said thank you, and then we started walking down the aisles in search for glue. Then a guy saw me walking down the aisle towards him and he was like "Hey! Wow, you sure look cute! What's the occasion? Do you dress this way all the time?" He was so outgoing and forward and...loud, all I could do was stand and smile and nod. He then went on about how he couldn't believe I dressed this way all the time, how cool that was, how nice I looked. Then he looked at my brother, the Dummy, and said "Boy you sure got lucky." The Dummy's cheeks looked like they were on fire and he said "Uhh...that's my sister." Poor Dummy.
The guy laughed and was like "Well she still looks cute!" And then said goodbye and was gone. After we'd gotten all our stuff and Alex was checking out through the self-checkout, he came up behind me and said "Sorry if I embrassed you, but you looked sure look cute!" After we were out of the store he saw us again and whistled at us, and when we looked his way he waved.
So it was a very interesting time we had. And here's a photo of my outfit, just for kicks:


bryna said...

cute umbrella.

Kayden said...

Interesting post.!! You are looking absolutely gorgeous. Your dress is truly awesome. LOVE your umbrella.