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Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 Looks Inspired by the White Rabbit

I am now 18! Yay! It feels good being an adult, hahaha. Anyways, on to today's post:

Don't Be Late!:
This is a simple, streamlined way to wear the White Rabbit's look to work. Nothing fussy, nothing to get in the way, and the clothes are very easy to move around in. The muted color palette is great when working in more conservative environments. It lets you get away with a lot more when it comes to accessories, like that White Rabbit cameo ring.

White Rabbit Weekend Wear:

This look is great for lazy days off because you can do anything in it. Layers in a muted color palette, again, let you do what you want when it comes to accessories. And reusing an item for different occasions is a great way to have tons of different looks for not a lot of money.

Down the rabbit hole:
The White Rabbit is a great character to take your formal wear inspiration from. This look can be worn any season. The pink flowers work great for spring and summer, and the black lace and white trench take it into the fall and winter months. Rabbit accessories are great for channeling the White Rabbit's look too, of course.

White Rabbit Look For Guys:

This look can be worn for a semi-formal event, for work, or for just a casual get-together. Elegant accessories dress up the basic pieces, but nothing is too formal for average days. And yes, the undies are important.

My next post will be the Caterpillar. ^_^

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