Well, I never heard it before, but it sounds uncommon nonsense.

-The Mock Turtle

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My time 'off' and what it showed me.

I've taken quite a break from this blog. I wanted to find a direction, a point, for it to have that I loved and felt comfortable blogging about on a regular bases. I've gotten way to busy to create a D.I.Y. blog, since I know work 3 jobs and have a dog and a cat to take care of, along with spending time with the Monsieur, the Dummy, and Cookies. So after much pondering, and much web surfing for Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion, I've decided that the choice was pretty obvious.
I love love love love LOVE Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately the internet world only spent time on it when Tim Burton's film was about to be released. That's.....not enough for me. I've always loved the novel and been incredibly inspired by it and having only a couple months of Alice in Wonderland bliss doesn't work for me. So now, Bel Amour will become an Alice in Wonderland fashion inspiration blog! And I don't have to change the name or design of my blog either. Yay!

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