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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mad Hatter's Look Done 3 Ways

The Mad Hatter is an incredibly eclectic, eccentric, completely bonkers character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. His style is half of his insanity. To wear this look, you need lots of bright, crazy colors, but in order to keep it wearable, tone the look down with only one pattern, instead of mixing many different ones like the Mad Hatter does.

Mad Hatter's Work Wear:

If you work in an office setting, especially one like mine that frowns upon anything that has to do with skeletons, bats, or Halloween, everything you wear has to pass your screening test. This look is eclectic and out there, but still work appropriate because of the coordinating colors and the simple, adorable accessories. The Mad Hatter, if he had a dress code, would definitely wear those quirky, and just a little bit snarky, 'What?' and 'Why?' pins on his coat.

Mad Hatter's Day Off:

It's your day off? Then go all out! These colors are vivid and intense, but they blend beautifully because the color scheme is mainly monochromatic. You still want to maintain a wearable street style, because walking around in a costume is not that cool.

Mad Hatter's Formal Wear:

Dressing for formal events can be tricking. You don't want to sacrifice your personal style, but these events aren't the place to be going crazy with hats and jewelry and crazy patterns. You want to have an eclectic look without to much craziness. This outfit is definitely that. This outfit is definitely unusual and unique, but appropriate for any social gathering you might have.

Hatter, for Guys:

If you love the Mad Hatter's look and want to have that kind of style, go with Andrew Lee Potts' Hatter's version. His style is rugged and handsome, and very wearable for any guy. The natural, woodsy color scheme is more attractive for a guy than bright, crazy colors, and it's easier to mix prints and patterns with a natural color scheme.

Tomorrow's my birthday! So when you read my next post Thursday, (this time it will be the White Rabbit) I'll be 18!!

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