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-The Mock Turtle

Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 Ways to Wear Alice's Look

Alice was a fun, adventurous young girl with an adorably ladylike style. Channeling her style today, especially with the 'vintage' trend being so popular, is not hard at all. I've complied 3 looks I think a modern Alice would wear for work, play, and formal events.

Alice at Work:
The sweet details of the blouse and skirt work together to make the shoes and bag more feminine. And of course the necklace is decorated with delicate roses, because Alice would much rather be running in a garden all day then sitting at her desk filing papers.

Playful Alice:
Alice in the movies wore a dress in Wonderland, but I think she would've preferred to wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans wouldn't get in the way when climbing down rabbit holes or playing croquet with an angry queen. The cameo necklace has a romantic feel to it, to emphasis the ruffle top, and those flats are so adorable! Chic without trying to hard.

Alice's Spring Formals
Alice would wear something sweet to her formal events, something flirty without sacrificing comfort or modesty. This skirt and blouse ensemble does exactly that. The accessories continue the girlishness but don't overwhelm the outfit with too many frills or ruffles, because the heels have enough masculinity to keep everything toned down.

Alex in Wonderland:
What if Alice's brother Alex had been the one to fall into that rabbit hole? Here's how to channel Alice's look as a guy. The black and white converse continue the black and white shoe theme, and the scribbles give it a child-like playfulness. The gray skinny jeans are good, basic bottoms that as just as neutral as black, but look nicer with the light blues. The gold watch is important for keeping up with the rabbit, and the rabbit/skull necklace? Very cool.

Hope you enjoyed it, next post will be on how to channel the Mad Hatter's crazy style!


Hosanna said...

I love it. :D
Alice's looks are very trendy and vintage...y. Lol.

Hosanna said...

I love your trendy, vintage, chic Alice looks. :D
Veryyy nice.