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-The Mock Turtle

Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Decisions

Ok. So I found the shoes I want:
I've wanted these for.......pretty much ever. :)
I can get them now, but they will cost me a week's paycheck. Which is kinda difficult for me because I like money, but I love these shoes and I need them for summer camp. (You can't ride horses without shoes that lace up or what not and I don't own comfortable lace up shoes. At all. Period.) So the cost for these shoes is: $41.65 + $11.20 for shipping, which = $52.85. So there's my paycheck. Is it worth it? Yeah. Yeah, I think it is.

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Damsels said...

ohyour paycheck is under 100?
i would getthem but maybe you wanna reconsider but 50 is not alot ,,
theyre cute
We Were Damsels