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-The Mock Turtle

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"She needs a tan."

Ok. I don't normally rant and rave, but now I seriously need to.

Who made you the skin color police? Who gave you the right to call someone ugly because they didn't sit out in the sun and give themselves cancer or because they didn't go to a salon and pay a butt load of money to look like an Oompa Loompa? I love girls with dark skin because I don't have it. [Especially olive skin, it's so...exotic lol.] But to tell me that I'm UGLY because I have fair skin? I have fair skin, red hair, blue/green eyes, and freckles. I'm not getting dark any time soon. Being pale isn't a bad thing, not at all. It doesn't make you 'ugly' or 'freakish' or 'unfashionable'. It makes you you. So who are you to tell me or any of the other pale girls [and boys] out there that we need to change? Who are you to tell us to become something fake, something "acceptable" to your standards? God made me this way, and he doesn't make mistakes. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Thankfully no one actually told me I needed a tan personally, or I would have flipped out and gone all crazy white girl rofl [I recently heard that and I died laughing.] It was just some girl commenting on a picture of a fair-skinned red head saying: "She needs a tan." Whatever. She needs a kick in the face for being so irritating.

Ok, I'm SO glad I got that out. I would've been grouchy all day rofl!

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