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-The Mock Turtle

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suddenly Darling

My Jewel
My Jewel by Odotta featuring Lipsy

I just discovered an awesome fashion site for girls. It's..awesome. Serisouly. [I discovered it through Teen Vogue's Girl of the Week blog.] You should check it out: http://www.suddenlydarling.com/
If you want to see my profile, it's here: http://www.suddenlydarling.com/odotta

I've made a pair of earrings today that just about killed my finger. They're so sore. I got my PIN number for the Google adsense thing, and I've made about $9 doing that, so I think I'm going to spend that money putting my jewelry up on Etsy. It'd be a wise investment, I think.
I need to get a digital camera though. That's important.

I'm in desperate need of a GOOD David Boreanaz wallpaper. Why? Cause I <3 him. If you know of one, please comment this post with the link to it. Seriously, I've dying without one!


Ty Ty said...

thanks. cute clothes! i love these sets, theyre fab!
Ty Ty

miky said...

love the black one!!1 stunning shoes!

yiqin; said...

Great polyvore sets!!! :) I'll check out that site!